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"The instructor was extremely helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. If you take this bootcamp and study the material afterwards, there is no doubt you will be successful come test time. " - Justin B, IT Support, RedHat

" Having taken the Cisco Training Academy, I was curious how Nick could squeeze 4 semesters of info into 24 hours. He exceeded my expectations before, during and after the boot camp while helping me study." - Michael S.

" Thanks for the class Nick, I had a great time this weekend and really learned a ton! " - Corey T., IT Network Analyst, Northstar-at-Tahoe

IP Address/Subnet Quiz & Calculator

Generate a random IP Address/mask, then solve:

What is the network ID & broadcast address that your IP address belongs to?

First and last usable IP address?

How many clients/hosts allowed in this range?

Use the calculator to verify your answers!


dotted decimal binary count
Address: unset unset
SN Mask: unset unset unset
Net ID: unset unset
Broadcast: unset unset unset

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