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" I was able to land a job in networking shortly after coming Cisco certified - something I would not have been able to do without the help of the 2-Day CCNA Boot Camp. " - Chris R, was eCommerce, now VOIP Engineer!

" This course was great--I was able to put the lessons to work immediately and I used Nicks study guide and scenarios to get my CCNA." - Terell J, QA Engineer, Insight Global

Class was great! Got a couple CCNA's out of it already! Next class scheduled for June 4-5th.

We're back! New living/teaching space has been acquired! Wow the bay area is really really expensive and limited on space! It feels great to be back and I've got an updated curriculum to show you guys! Next bootcamp will be scheduled for April 23/24th! Sign up now!

OK everybody, I know there are still many students looking to take a bootcamp from me, however due to logistical issues I will have to postpone all bootcamps until April 2016. Keep emailing me for updates and good luck with the studies in the mean time!

I'm excited to teach my 8th SOLD OUT class in a row this weekend guys! Lets do this!

Great class this past weekend guys! Looking forward to hearing results!

Final class dates of 2015 are here! Aug 29/30 followed by Oct 3/4. Register soon!

Class was great, keep at it guys! I'll be scheduling my final two classes of the year for August and October, stay tuned!

Happy 4th of July everybody, I hope you're ready for the next course, July 25/26th!

Class was great! Looking forward to the next!2 Day CCNA boot camp class 14

Due to overwhelming demand, I will be forecasting class dates for the rest of 2015. See the contact page for scheduling

June 13/14th class is sold out! That was quick, you guys are hungry!

Next class dates set: June 13/14th, registration info being sent to students on email waiting list.

Rainy and gray outside = great weekend for teaching! 2 Day CCNA boot camp class 13

Next class dates set! May 9th/10th it is! Register HERE.

I've recently started a new job! I'll be working for Fusion Storm as a Sr. Solutions Architect and I'm very much looking forward to the challenge of having a customer facing role! Give me some time to get settled and I'll announce my next class dates, but I am currently leaning toward May 9th/10th, how does that sound?

Another great weekend nerding out! Look forward to my next class date in May! 2 Day CCNA boot camp class 12

What a busy...winter? While it feels like spring here, I've been reminded by my business trips over the past month to places like NYC and Indianapolis, that COLD weather still exists. BRRR! My next course will run March 28/29th, complete payment to register now!

Class was awesome! Tried a new venue for this past weekends course and it worked out great! Contact me for a class coming in late March or early April. 2 Day CCNA boot camp class 11

CCNP-ROUTE curriculum is finished, contact me for more information!

Anybody make a new years resolution? I have a course on Feb 7/8th! Lets get you all certified!

I have begun the CCNP curriculums! These will be based on the new 300 series exams, so you'll have plenty of time for studying and testing. I will update the website over the holidays to reflect the new course availability, cost, expectations etc. Let me know if you are interested - lets get you guys CCNP certified!

Class was great! The new venue at the Holiday Inn was pretty good, but I'll keep searching for that perfect spot. Thinking ahead to my next class, I'm thinking February 7/8th, anybody interested?

My vacation was much appreciated, I got plenty of rest, and I knocked out the rest of the IPv6 book I've been reading. #nerdlife! I hope to see you all for my Dec 13/14th class, spaces are filling up so register now!

I will be out of town for until next weekend. I have decided to give a little back and am headed to Guatemala on a volunteer adventure--building secondary schools for a small village near the pacific. Sounds fun, see you soon!

Dec 13/14th is the next course date! Seats are filling up quickly so please contact me or register directly via this PayPal link. As soon as I see payment verification I will add you to the google Drive which contains all the necessary documents including the curriculum, practice questions, study strategies, lab scenarios etc.

Due to High demand - 2DayCCDA, 2DayCCNP, and 2DayCCDP domain names have been purchased! I am currently writing curriculum and procuring equipment for these courses, stay tuned or contact me for more information!

The requests keep rollin' in for some CCNP classes. Would you like to see those? How about other branches of Cisco Certification training? Let me know!

My students are lining up as I get settled into San Francisco--only one thing left-- I need a classroom! Any suggestions?

Class was amazing as usual--these guys were great! I have full faith they will all go on to become whatever type of engineer they choose to be! 2 Day CCNA boot camp class 10

One final class in Santa Clara - Oct 11/12th. Get in while its still hot--Contact me for more info!

Looks like this fall/winter schedule will get a bit hairy - My lease is up in Oct, and will be moving into SF (no more 3 hour round trip commute!) and there are a few business trips lined up in Oct/Nov. Please contact me for scheduling information!

Class this weekend was great! The final tweaks I've made in the curriculum really make the time seem like it just blows by. 2 Day CCNA boot camp class 9

This weekends class is fully booked, contact me for fall/winter dates.

The job market is hot guys! There are SO MANY opportunities for those with CCNAs!!

Class was great! It never ceases to amaze me how motivated my students are!2 Day CCNA boot camp class 8

July course is booked solid! If you're interested in training, lets fit you in for September!

Looks like the hectic part of summer is just about over, lets get some more students in the pipe for July!

Great job guys! Go forth and calculate binary!

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 7
To help automate things a bit, I've updated the contact page with my class calendar for 2014. Check it out and see which dates work for you!

Due to an extremely busy month for me, personally and on the job, I am having to push this next class back to June 7/8th weekend. Sign up now!

Some new additions to 2DayCCNA - I've created a google group, so students can keep networking with myself and each other, even after the course is over. Us nerds have to stick together! For those who've taken the course, look out for new of my first annual alumni BBQ! For those that havent take the course yet, email me for information about class dates in May (tentatively 24/25th).

Awesome class! These guys picked up all the material SO quickly. I have reworked my curriculum for a smoother flow and I think it worked! This weekend was a pleasure guys, good luck studying!

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 6
March 22/23rd is booked full! Please contact me for next class dates in May. Get your payments in promptly as this secures your seat in a class!

Wow... I always knew certs counted, but check out what this college thinks the top 5 certs for 2014 are! They even have salaries and sources listed here.

Next class is scheduled - March 22/23rd

Whew! We rocked it this weekend! E-mail me for next class info - Late March/Early April

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 5
January's boot camp got pushed back due to scheduling conflicts. Next class is scheduled for Feb 8th-9th. 1 Spot available, e-mail me now for more info!
New job is going great! I hope everyone is studying hard through the holidays (jk!) and looking forward to a boot camp in mid-January. Email me now for more info!
I got a job at Salesforce! I'll be starding Dec 2nd and have officially put in my notice with Cisco. What does this mean for my class? Nothing! However it seems like a good idea to focus on work and the holidays. Look forward to classes again in the new year!!
I guess having certifications on your resume really does help, batting .1000 for this round of interviews.
I have decided to look for new work in the Bay area, time to spread my wings!
After putting in 1500~hrs of study in, I've finally passed the CCIE R&S lab exam! It took 4 attempts, and more dedication than anything I've ever experienced before. Persistance pays off! CCIE #40890 at your service.
The weekends session was great! Taking candidates for the next class, aiming for Late Nov/Early Dec. Time to get some holiday nerding on!
Next class scheduled, Oct5-6th. Email for more information, as I have a couple spots left open.
Scheduling next class now, looks like October I will be training some more CCNA candidates, who wants in!?
Look at em go!

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 3
Next class scheduled - fully booked! 14-15 Sept we will be geeking out big time!
New curriculum is finished! Looks like it will be much smoother without having to worry about any wireless :)
I have decided that rather than cutting close to the 640-822 and 640-816 cut off dates, I will rewrite the curriculum to match the 100-101 and 200-101 requirements. Gonna be lots of work, but should be fun to give this a facelift!
Due to scheduling conflicts with students, the next class will be held on the weekend of Sept. 14-15... cutting it close to testing cut off date, but should be no problem for more advanced students. Still a couple slots left--who wants to get certified?
Just received word of another couple new CCNA's. Good job with the studies, hardwork and dedication guys... this is my reward for what I do. Awesome!
Class is in session - what an exhausting weekend, but somehow these guys grinded it out! Thanks for attending guys

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 2 in session
I've recently made connections to several recruiting firms in the area, now any of my students seeking employment will have a direct plug in to the IT pipeline. Everybody wins!
New class scheduled! Any students thinking of taking the class? June 29-30 looks like the tentative dates.
I've had word of several first time passes, immediate application to current jobs, and one of the students was even hired for a new position! Winning!
2DayCCNA cisco partner status approved!
Cisco Registered Partner

2 Day CCNA boot camp class 1 in session
Class was a great success... lets see what becomes of it!
Class date scheduled! 7 Students will have their minds blown April 20-21! Lets rock!
I have added a Study section to the site, and so far added a nice Subnetting exercise to help improve your speed. More study content coming soon.

In Bigger news, Cisco has announced the redesign of the CCNA. More details can be found on the Press-Release. Now is the perfect time to take this boot camp and pass the current exams before they expire! I will be rewritting course curriculum in September to re-align.


Here is the class room, ready to go!

2 Day CCNA Class Room

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